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Protective Goggles

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VENDOR: Aumet Products

Quantity must be greater than 5000.

Product Information

  • Can be worn above normal glasses
  • Anti-fog



Material: Silicon


Shipping Information

The lead time for 2000 pcs is 7 days


  • CE


Made in China

Production Capacity

10K pcs / day



PE bag, 10 pcs / medium box 60pcs / ctn 41*36.5*28.5cm

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Aumet is a well-reputed and established manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler of premium grade protective goggles.
Our massive manufacturing facility in China is second to none with highly-qualified engineers, technicians, and experienced research and development team. With over a decade of experience in the manufacturing and export industry for protective eyewear, we have a well-claimed market presence across many countries in the world. We have the capacity and expertise to offer our clients premium grade safety goggles, manufactured to perfection with advanced protection features.

As a leading manufacturer of safety glasses with a robust logistic infrastructure, we bring a win-win relationship for our clients. We are pleased to offer our superior and sate-of-the-art safety eyewear at most competitive pricing and stay committed to delivering an efficient and dedicated customer support service.

At Aumet, we are proud of our heavy investment in research and development functions. We take pride to offer our clients research-backed premium eye protection wear that delivers all the right checks for safety requirements. We are already exporting our goggles to many countries across Europe, Asia, and America with a good reputation and fast sales, thus you can be sure of the already established market and quality-standard of products.

Why wear Eye protection equipment?

Protective goggles are important because they are the best defensive equipment for protection against eye injuries. There are myriad potential hazards that can be avoided by using high-quality protective goggles at home, at work, and outdoors. This protective eyewear also safe businesses and workers a large amount of time and money which otherwise may be wasted in the treatment of various eye injuries. This protective equipment also ensures long-term eye health.

Hazards to eyes are always present at workplaces, homes, and at outdoors. These hazards can be chemical, biological, or physical with the potential to partially or totally damage the eyesight, thereby, it’s important to use high-quality scientifically-backed eye protection equipment.

While there is always a certain level of eye risks associated with almost all types of jobs, however, some of the jobs post greater risk than others. For instance:

  • Over 40% of the eye injuries at the workplace occur amongst plumbers, carpenters, mechanics, and other craft workers
  • Over 30% of the eye injuries in the workplace happens to equipment operators
  • Almost half of all the work-related eye injuries are reported in the manufacturing industry
  • Less than 20% of the eye injuries at the workplace happens in the construction sector

Benefits of using eye protective equipment

- Protection from sports injuries

Many sporting activities come with different levels of risk for eye injuries, which can impact the players. Sports like basketball, tennis, rugby, and others are some of the games where players are at a higher risk of eye injuries. Many times, the eye injuries in sports are due to fingernails, and elbow poking into the eyes. Similarly, many types of sports with flying objects also come with higher risks of eye injuries and thus need robust and premium quality protection for eyes. At Aumet, our superior protective goggles medical are ideally designed to minimize the risk of eye injuries amongst players. 

-         Protection from household injuries

Apart from sports, there is also a high chance of getting eye injuries from routine household chores. Such injuries can vary in intensity from mild to severe injury and need proper protective equipment to be avoided. For instance, during cooking, there is a high chance of splashes of cooking oil or other ingredients in the eyes. Our premium splash goggles are especially suited for people looking to protect against such splashes and its hazardous consequences.

-         Protection against radiations

People working in manufacturing industries or chemical labs are especially prone to eye injuries due to harmful radiation in the environment. Such a working environment demands high-quality goggles for the lab to ensure the protection of eyesight against harmful radiations. Also, biological lab workers may require antibacterial goggles to keep their eyes protected from harmful bacteria present in the environment.

Aumet’s Protective Eye Equipment – Save Time and Money!

Protective eyewear is an essential personal protective equipment that saves much time, money, and resources for companies by keeping workers safe from potential hazards that may be caused by the working environment.  

According to the estimates of OSHA, eye injuries in different industries amount to about USD 300 million annually for doctor visits, surgeries, treatment, and compensation money to workers for the damage sustained at the workplace. The monetary loss is coupled with the legal and operational issues which may arise due to any severe injury to workers at the workplace.

Not to forget the intangible losses which may not be quantified but do impact the overall productivity and efficiency of the company. Such pains may include employees suffering, customer quality issues, reputational impacts, and other impacts that together may add up to severely impact the efficiency and competitiveness of the company.

Companies can save all the time, money, and resources involved with eye injuries by investing a little amount into buying high-quality eye protection goggles. By making employees wear protective goggles at all times at the workplace, businesses can ensure to save their money, resources, and time, as well as, ensure their employees' safety and wellness at the workplace.

Why Aumet?

At Aumet, we bring in the best quality eyewear protective equipment that is manufactured with a deep investment in research and development to ensure our clients of highest-quality standards and deliver the best value of their money. Our fully automated manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce over 10k pieces of protective goggles per day, so we are happy to take bulk orders for protective eyewear.

  • All queries for protective eyewear are answered within 24 hours
  • Dedicated and qualified customer support team to ensure open communication and transparency for our clients
  • Robust, high-quality protective eyewear with a good market reputation
  • Highly competitive pricing (prices go down with the order size)
  • Timely delivery ensures (we maintain a robust logistical infrastructure to ensure timely delivery across the world)

Protective eyewear equipment features

  • lab goggles
  • Antibacterial goggles
  • Anti-fog goggles
  • Medical safety googles
  • Sporting safety goggles
Protective Goggles

Protective Goggles

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