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Isolation Gowns

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VENDOR: Aumet Products


Product Information

  • Waterproof non woven
  • Gram weight: 40gsm
  • Color: blue
  • Size: S,M,L.
  • Non sterile


  • PP + PE raw material has better effect on liquid splash and infiltrate
  • Knitted Cuffs makes wearing comfortable and close-fitting



  • CE
  • ISO
  • FDA


Made in China

Production Capacity

100K pcs / day



1pcs/bag, 50bags/carton Size:58*38*38cm

Contact us
MENA & Africa
Sara Mansour
+962 7 9193 2594
Europe & America
Philip Pabst
+971 50 950 9178
Asia & Australia
Liang Ye
+86 138 1030 9367

All you need to know about Aumet's Fluid Resistant Isolation Gowns

Aumet Inc. - At a Glance 

Since 2015, Aumet Inc. has focused itself on distributing healthcare products to worldwide distributors and manufacturers. At Aumet, we believe in protecting our frontline warriors of disease control with products that will shield them from daily hazards such as contagious infections.
Our inventory consists of a wide range of healthcare products such as isolation gowns, coveralls, KN95 Face Masks, 3-Ply Face Masks, shoe covers, head covers as well as Hand Sanitizers to keep you on your feet at all times! From shielding you with isolation gowns to ensuring you sanitize your hands vigorously - we believe in one major goal.

To Shield Those who Care for us when we need Protection - without Giving Up

As our healthcare warriors are endangering their lives to rescue ours, we want to make sure that we help them make their struggle at the frontlines anything but difficult. As we rely on doctors, nurses and the paramedic staff to get better, we wanted to show them our gratitude. 

And there was no better way to understand their struggles other than to experience it firsthand! Ever since we started manufacturing healthcare products such as PPE equipment and diagnostic kits, we felt closer to our frontline disease control warriors.

Acknowledging the struggle that the healthcare staff has to go through during isolation, we designed contact isolation gowns that are not only protective against contagious diseases but are also certified by FDA and CE for the very purpose!

Features of Aumet’s Isolation Gowns

Quality with Quantity

With the ability to order a package of 100,000 isolation gowns in a single day, any hospital administration can rest assured that Aumet will deliver with complete trust and that too, in time! 

How many Isolation Gowns in a box?

As we have plenty of isolation gowns in store, each carton consists of 50 pieces apiece, allowing you to order in bulk. So, bulk order, only! You can only order 10,000 pieces at a given time. 

Cheap Patient Gowns

With a price as low as $6.95 apiece, our reusable isolation gowns are not only affordable but inexpensive as compared to market rates! Even if you order more than a single batch of cheap patient gowns, Aumet ensures to never lack on quality. 

We understand how you might be ‘afraid’ of ordering a cheap product off the internet. But, Aumet Inc. provides products to healthcare resellers and third-party distributing companies without compromising on quality. From waterproof to infection-repelling properties, Aumet has it all! 

For cheap isolation gowns, order online from Aumet and get your package without wasting any time!

Availability of Hospital Isolation Gowns South Africa, China and America

Despite being manufactured in China, Aumet holds its corporate grounds in California so that it can distribute its products all across the globe. Even if you are living in South Africa, China, America or any part of the continent, Aumet will make sure to deliver isolation gowns PPE wherever needed!

FDA and CE Approved

We all need a seal of approval, right? 

Aumet’s wide range of reusable isolation gowns is approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) which makes them safe and authorized for use in the United States.

But, we at Aumet, made sure to seek the approval for sales within the European Economic Area (EEA). Similarly, our medical isolation gowns are marked by CE for sale and concurrent distribution within the European Union as well. 

Easy to Order!

All you need to do is request a quotation for the number of isolation gowns you need from our website. As you navigate through the product page, you will see a yellow button labelled as ‘Request Quotation’ on the extreme right side. Click on it and choose ‘isolation gowns’ from the list of products shown in the list. 

A dialog box will open which will prompt you to add your name with an optional requirement of your company’s name mainly if you are a reseller. Once done, you will be redirected to another dialog box which will ask you to enter your contact details. You will receive the quotation amidst other details via email so make sure you add the right information! 

As Aumet has a limit on the number of isolation gowns for infection control that you can order in a single go, you will receive the quotation of 10,000 gowns (and furthermore) in your email. 

You can also contact their customer support helpline or email if your request of medical isolation gowns is urgent. There is also the option of ‘live chat’ on the product’s page which can guarantee prompt answers to your queries. 

Fast and Secure Shipping

Aumet ensures confidence amidst gaining trust from its customers. To ensure that your shipment reaches you safely, Aumet will contact you for your shipping details via email or phone. As the minimum limit to order is 10,000 packs (1 piece/pack), your total amount will be calculated along with the shipping information.

Preventing Infections with Aumet’s Reusable Isolation Gowns 

Better Safe than Sorry 

According to the Control Disease Center (CDC), at least 4.1 million cases present in emergency departments in the States alone! Not only that but the World Health Organization also reports increasing numbers of mortalities associated with infectious disease. 

Every year, almost 15 million lose their lives to infectious diseases - a broad number that includes the healthcare staff as well! With only 10 doctors for 10,000 people, can we afford to risk our healthcare workers to diseases that can be controlled in time? 

Our isolation gowns are befitted with a barrier that is impermeable to fluid! Since most infections are either spread by air or droplets, we think it is high time you get your hands on Aumet’s isolation gowns! 

Owing to the presence of cuffed sleeves, our isolation gowns will not only help to protect against airborne or droplet-transmitted infections but also from blood-borne diseases. As you will be covered from head to toe, you will never risk getting pricked from a syringe containing blood from an HIV-or-VRE-positive patient. 

Your Personal Protective Equipment during Quarantine!

In isolation settings, do you know what helps to shield healthcare workers from contracting infections? Personal Protective Equipment, of course! Our Isolation Gowns are tri-layered with medium weight fabric so that the healthcare workers can freely wear them and not worry about infections haunting them at all! 

But, if healthcare workers need to protect themselves while providing caregiving services during the quarantine period, then so do patients and their visitors. Our isolation gowns will also provide protection to patients and their attendants within isolation wards. As they are befitted with effective barrier control and nonintrusive properties, we believe our isolation gowns will help visitors see their ailing patients in the hospital with ease.

Due to the current novel coronavirus pandemic, healthcare workers are not only at risk of contracting MRSA but also COVID-19. In lieu of deadly bacterial and viral infectious diseases, it is our civil duty to provide protection to our frontline healthcare workers. Our isolation gowns can help protect those healthcare workers who are treating quarantined patients with care. 

Aumet believes in providing protective gear to anyone who is exposed to contagious infections, but healthcare workers always remain on top of our list. To help nurses and doctors ‘live their daily lives as per norms of every day, it is essential to ensure that we have gotten it all covered - literally. 

Protection Against Hospital-Acquired Infections

As per W.H.O data, over 1.4 million patients contract some kind of infection while admitted at the hospital for their primary care. Hospital-acquired infections can result in significant morbidities and mortalities which is why isolating the patient is a prime protocol. 

For instance, take Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, commonly known as MRSA, a tough bacterium strain that does not take kindly to routine antibiotics. But that is just the tip of the iceberg! MRSA can stay on top of medical devices (even your bed at the hospital) for months on end. Since a patient’s immunity is already on the verge during admission, MRSA can attack anytime, leaving everyone working or staying at the hospital completely vulnerable.

What is Protective Isolation? 

Protecting your patient’s visitors or any other immunocompromised patients from contracting resistant infections is every doctor’s responsibility. Contact isolation requires protective measures against resistant infections, which is why it is necessary to provide the desired patient gowns to an immunocompromised patient.

As our medical patient gowns exhibit prominent waterproof properties, they are resistant against any type of contacted fluids, ensuring maximum protection against infectious diseases. 

Ideal for Treating Patients in the I.C.U and Nurseries

Infants and young children are the most vulnerable to infections apart from elders. When a child is born, it is a nurse’s job to assess the baby for weight, length and other abnormalities. Usually, a healthy child is returned to the mother as soon as the child is given a bath and necessary body assessments have taken place.

But, if a neonate is sick or born prematurely, things can take a rough turn. Neonates acquire their antibodies from their mothers during breastfeeding, but sick or preterm babies are usually vulnerable due to being unable to their ailing or premature situation.

Most hospitals admit exposed and premature babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (N.I.C.U) until the infant develops as per health and gestational age requirements.

N.I.C.Us are usually equipped with apparatuses that help to purify the environment for the baby’s protection. This apparatus, also known as an incubator, helps to keep the environment sterile within the NICU, ensuring maximum protection from infections and environmental hazards. 

As neonates are at the most risk of contracting infectious diseases within the hospital, the NICU is the only safe place where the standard level of care is met due to a sterile and purified environment. 

In such a situation, it is impossible to leave the baby’s parents out in the lurch! Our medical isolation gowns can help a parent meet their newborn child when the baby is admitted in the NICU. Even if your clothes are not sterile, all you need to do is slip on a medical isolation gown, and let your feelings take the flow. 

For doctors and other healthcare staff, going into the nursery and the ICU without PPE goes beyond the isolation protocol. To ensure that the healthcare staff treat the vulnerable babies with the utmost care, protection with isolation gowns is not only termed necessary but guaranteed. 

Ensuring Sterility during Surgeries

As you cut open your unconsciously lying patient on the table amidst a sterile operation theatre, you might expose them to infections if you are not ‘clean’ yourself. The longer the patient’s exposed, the more vulnerable they are to the contaminants you just brought with yourself to the theatre! 

Since Aumet’s gowns are non-sterile, it is essential to sterilize them with prominent measures so that you can use them in the event of isolation during operations. 

Safe for Researching Contagions

You are in the midst of discovering the cure to the common cold! But wait a minute - what is the first question that comes to your mind? 

Am I protected? What if I die while researching the cure? Who will save humanity?

Aumet’s isolation gowns will help protect you from bio-contaminants and possible infections as you bend over your microscope and look for a cure! Our plastic isolation gowns are not only reusable but safe to discard within a month’s time! 

So, if you are on your way to winning the next Nobel Prize, try not to be so noble while working in hazardous conditions! Order your isolation gown PPE by asking us for a quotation here. 

Personal Protection during Comprehensive Animal Research and Care

Animals can get sick too…

Animals can have infections on them as showers and posthumous treatments are out of topic if they are lying dead on your dissecting table! Your medical devices and surroundings can inhabit some of the contagions and hit your when you least expect it! Therefore, you are liable to contract an infection or get irritated with possible allergens while researching in the lab! 

And we do not want you to get sick while taking care of the bunnies! While providing care to your friend’s pet is your priority as a vet, we do not want you to contract any disease during the process. Our isolation gowns’ infection control is reputed from China to South Africa! Whether your patient is a human or an animal, your safety is our priority! 

As your contribution to healthcare matters to us, we cannot have you catch your death due to a common cold infection! As an integral protective isolation precaution, it is essential you wear infection control PPE during all of your researches at the lab.

Disposable Vs. Reusable Isolation gowns

It is time to address the elephant in the room. 

PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and has been approved by the Center of Disease and Control to protect healthcare personnel from contracting infectious diseases.

According to countless surveys, it has been found that there is a significant risk to the health of both nurses and doctors whilst tending to contagious patients without protective gear. From contaminating cotton lab coats to nurses uniforms and fabric aprons, nothing that healthcare personnel would wear was considered safe and protective. 

Around 12.6% of cotton lab coats were found contaminated with Staphylococcus aureus, a bacterium responsible for causing virulent infections throughout the body. But, this was just the start. 

Around 63% of healthcare workers’ uniforms were found to be contaminated with a wide range of virulent bacteria as per Wiener-Well. HCWs were wearing the same uniforms to other hospital settings as well as taking their cotton lab coats home, therefore risking a mass degree of people including patients, staff and family! 

Similarly, there arose a need to provide protection against bacterial and viral spread more effectively. Medical protective equipment such as isolation gowns and coveralls are engineered with synthetic fibers including polyester, polyester/cotton blends, polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE)

Isolation Gowns Disposable

PP and PE became two of the most prominently used synthetic fibers to date for manufacturing isolation gowns disposable due to the following reasons:

  1. One, PP and PE are non-woven plastic polymers which do not require any weaving or spinning at all.
  2. They are lightweight.
  3. This makes them ideal for single usage, and hence, allows HCPs to dispose of them after wearing them once.
  4. PP and PE both have liquid-repellent and crystalline properties which allows the polymers to transfer moisture completely. is all that HCPs needed to minimize contact with contaminated body fluids!

Reusable Isolation Gowns

But, there arose a need to introduce cotton and polyester blends as they were reusable and hence, user-friendly as well as easy on the pocket. To make them fluid-repellent, woven reusable gowns are chemically coated with a finishing layer of PP + PE so that protection through moisture transfer is never compromised. 

When seeking a comfortable option, Aumet’s isolation gowns always fail to disappoint! They are woven and coated with PP + PE to ensure that the isolation gowns repel moisture and fluid. Since they are washable, they can be worn till the shelf-life of the isolation gowns has exhausted its limit. Usually, their shelf-life is limited to 50 - 60 cyclic washes. 

In certain conditions (discussed below), reusable isolation gowns can be worn beyond their shelf-life which is where Aumet comes into play! Aumet not only ensures maximum comfort with its isolation gowns, but also provides you the solution to wear it for more than 50 times. 

Protection Isolation Precautions while Donning and Doffing PP + PE Reusable Gowns

So, do you sanitize first and don yourself with your isolation gown or is it vice versa? 

Many healthcare workers have little to no idea when it comes to wearing an isolation gown as per contact isolation precautions. Our goal is to protect health care personnel from infections, but if you do not wear your gown as per contact plus isolation procedures, there will be no use!

So, we prepared a little checklist which will help HCPs to don their contact precaution ppe amidst isolation in hospitals. 

  • Always wash and sanitize your hands before you wear your reusable or disposable isolation gowns. Preservation of hand hygiene is a must even before you wear any other accessory protective gear.
  • Also, remember to wash your hands (despite wearing gloves) after doffing your isolation gowns and other protective equipment.
  • Your isolation gowns, despite being reusable, have a limited shelf time. If your gowns are disposable, make sure you discard them as per isolation contact precautions.
  • As personal isolation gowns protect you against relevant fluid exposure, make sure you wear it till they are visibly soiled. In certain crisis situations such as during the time of Ebola or Corona currently, you might have to wear the same isolation gown way past its shelf time.
  • Isolation gowns are usually non-sterile as they protect you against fluid penetration. Make sure you do not come in contact with any other HCP while treating a high-risk contagious patient.
  • Make sure your isolation gown covers your entire back as well as your arms till your wrists.
  • Wear the isolation gown before donning gloves, goggles, head cover or boot cover.
  • To dispose of the isolation gown, make sure you take it off within the contaminated area to limit spread of the contaminants.
  • Most cohort areas have a designated area where you can dispose of hospital patient gowns including your own.
  • Or you can also dispose of your isolation gown within the designated laundry receptacle if it is reusable.
  • Do not roll up your sleeves because what will be the point of wearing an isolation gown that covers your forearms and wrists?
  • Do not wear a contaminated, sterile isolation gown in the operation theater even if the surgeons are performing minimally invasive surgeries.
  • Do not wear your contaminated isolation gown to other sterile locations of the hospital such as the I.C.U, corridors or supply room.
  • Do not wear the same contaminated isolation gown to another patient (even if they have the same disease!)

When to Prioritize Isolation Gowns?

WSHA has announced several contingency measures that might help healthcare workers to prioritize isolation gowns during conventional settings and crises. 

  • During conventional settings, it is better to wear an isolation gown with a coverall, especially in high-risk situations.
  • But during an epidemic or pandemic, the production and distribution of isolation gowns can become scarce. For this purpose, it is better to cancel elective procedures in order to reserve the use of isolation gowns only during emergency crises.
  • Healthcare workers are also advised to wear reusable isolation gowns during scarcity, especially when there is little to no risk of transmission of co-infections.
  • When wearing reusable gowns during limited quantities, it is preferred to contact the provider or manufacturer for information regarding its shelf life.
  • In situations where you simply cannot wait for another isolation gown, extend its use beyond the marginalized shelf life.
  • Replace reusable isolation gowns with another if they are soiled with visible splashes of aerosol or other contaminants.
  • In case of spread of multidrug resistant organisms or during a SARS/MRSA endemic, make sure to wear the isolation gown only within the cohort (isolated) area.

Why Should You Buy Reusable Isolation Gowns from Aumet?

  • Comfortable and Woven!

At Aumet, we ensure to never compromise comfort and quality in return for quality! We only use the softest yet highly durable polypropylene and polyethylene fabric so that permeability is not an issue. 

As they are woven with seams, they are non-itchy and do not produce any hives or allergic reactions. Plus, the rugged seams make them stronger and more resistant to external fluid pressure. iThey are therefore, breathable and non-toxic, and fit to be worn in a restricted cohort area! 

Our blue isolation gowns come in three sizes, that is, S, M and L! So, choose the size that best fits your body measurements and place your cheap isolation gowns’ order online! 

  • Reusable and Washable!

Aumet’s Isolation gowns retain their quality even after their 50th wash! As they are woven, they are washable and hence, reusable with a longer shelf-life! 

  • Knitted Elastic Cuffs and Ties!

Our isolation gowns come with elastic cuffs that are knitted at the wrist to ensure maximum protection from contaminants! All you need to do is don your isolation gown and tie the elastic cuffs as per your size. wear gloves before tending to your patients. 

There is also an elastic tie around the waist that is extra long and thus, helps you adjust your isolation gown as per your size and comfort. 


Our PP + PE isolation gowns act as the perfect barrier against any type of fluids that you might come across within a controlled, isolated environment. Whether it is body fluids and aerosols or contagious droplet infections that you might need protecting from, Aumet’s isolation gowns are always at your disposal (pun-intended!)

Our isolation gowns are not ‘impermeable’ to body fluids, but slightly resistant, which is why they are only ideal for limited usage during their shelf-life! For further questions related to reusable isolation gowns, you can always contact their helpline here. 

Friendly and Safe for the Environment!

Aumet chose to make reusable isolation gowns mainly because they are highly sustainable and friendly for the environment. As PP polymers are non-degradable, disposing them with single use only added to the increasing landfill situation. 

A study was carried out with 1000 reusable isolation gowns at a healthcare facility to analyse their effect on the environment. With an overall 93% reduction in solid waste production, reusable isolation and patient gowns were found to exhibit prominent environmental benefits! 

  • How many Isolation Gowns in a Box?

At Aumet, each carton consists of 50 packs (1 Piece/Pack). You can order anywhere between 10,000 to 100,000 packs in a day. 

  • How much do Isolation gowns cost?

At Aumet, each isolation gown price is $6.95. 

  • Can we order isolation gowns in bulk Mexico?

Yes. We ship all around the globe including Latin America and Mexico as well! All of our orders are carried out in bulk quantities with a minimum limit of 10,000 packs per shipment. 

  • Are Isolation Gowns for purchase in India?

Our isolation gowns are manufactured in China, making it impossible for us to leave our neighbour in need! In other words, yes, we deliver to India! All you need to do is request a quotation on our website and our customer service team to get back to you with your purchase details!

  • Can we use hospital isolation gowns in South Africa?

We don’t see why not! For further shipment queries regarding isolation gowns South Africa, request a quotation or indulge in a live chat with our customer representative.

  • Are your isolation gowns in Australia for wholesale? 

Our isolation gowns China are for wholesale throughout the world! At $6.95 per piece, how wrong can you be?

  • Where to buy isolation gowns in New Zealand or Singapore?

By requesting a quotation and placing an order on our website! We ensure both quality and quantity by delivering isolation gowns to Singapore and New Zealand! Our isolation gowns are for sale in Canada as well!

  • Will your isolation gowns help to prevent infections?

Our isolation gowns are made up of the best PP + PE textile fabric, making them resistant to any kind of fluids in the hospital.

  • 9) Are your reusable hospital patient gowns for sale and safe?

Our isolation gowns are reusable and safe for use after 50 or 60 washes, at least! Place your order online!

  • 10) Who makes Isolation Gowns for Aumet?

China is our isolation gown manufacturer.

  • 11) Where can I find isolation gowns near me?

Even if you require isolation gowns within a week’s time, Aumet will ensure to get your carton with the next flash delivery! For resellers and distributing companies, Aumet provides a great opportunity for placing your orders for medical patient isolation gowns on wholesale online! 

Isolation Gowns

Isolation Gowns

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