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Hospital Mattress

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VENDOR: Aumet Products



Made in Australia


98 x 86 x 15 cm


  • Grey top cover
  • Grey PVC bottom cover
  • Recommended therapeutic weight range of 50 - 150kgs
  • SWL of 200 kgs

Shipping Information

7 days


1 year


Each mattress will be rolled into a cylinder 34cm diameter, length 86cm and weighing 15kgs



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Aumet brings the biggest range of high-quality hospital mattresses for sale USA. We are offeringthe best hospital mattress for professional medical use. 


No matter what size hospital mattress you need, we got cheap hospital mattress price for all your hospital medical needs. We are one of the biggest hospital mattresses wholesale suppliers offering medical grade mattresses to the USA and other countries in North-America and Europe.

Aumet – The best hospital mattress manufacturers

Our range of best hospital mattress Australia comes with the highest quality standards to offer unprecedented comfort and convenience for patients. Designed with the highest-grade medical standards, our superior mattresses offer better distribution of weight across the length of the mattress, thereby, offer better comfort and superior experience to patients. Our foam hospital mattress is manufactured in Australia under strict quality control measures.

The medical hospital mattress by Aumet comes with a superior quality foam core and manufactured under scientific systems to redistribute the pressure for optimal performance and complete support and comfort to patients by mete out the pressure evenly across the length of the mattress, thus minimizing the stress points and warranting maximum comfort to patients. The out layer is made of high-quality nylon, which is easy to remove and sanitize to the medical standards 

Aumet’s Medicaid hospital mattresses also include scientifically prepared foam with viscoelastic properties. The foam offers unparalleled support and comfort to patients, which also keeping up with the health standards to avoid infestation from beg bugs and other bacteria. The upper nylon layer is super easy to remove for cleaning purposes, offering greater flexibility to hospitals to keep up with health and safety standards. 

What is the best hospital mattress?

If you are looking for the top hospital mattress suppliers in the Worldmake sure the product offers the following benefits:

  • It should be manufactured under scientific systems to redistribute pressure across the length of the mattress
  • It should be waterproof and anti-microbial to keep up with the health and safety standards
  • It should be super easy to clean
  • The foam of the mattress should be durable, firm and made to support patients’ weight evenly to offer better comfort to patients
  • The top layer should be made of material to minimize skin shear and friction

Where to buy hospital mattresses?

If you are looking for a reliable supplier offering the highest-quality and most competitive hospital mattress price range, look no further. That’s because, at Aumet, we got you the world’s best quality mattresses manufactured in Australia. We are one of the largest manufacturers and leading suppliers of all hospital mattress sizes in the USA and various other countries. With one of the largest manufacturing facilities equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, we are accepting bulk orders for best hospital mattress for home use and use in medical facilities. So, don’t waste your time looking around for cheap hospital mattress prices, and get in touch with our dedicated customer representatives today!

Who can use Aumet Hospital Mattress?

Aumet hospital mattress is a highly recommended choice for all medical purposes to be used at hospitals or homes. It comes with a variety of advanced features and superior quality offering unparalleled comfort and utility to users. The mattress is manufactured to the highest scientific standards, keeping in view all the key considerations required for medical purposes. From the quality of foam to the overall design and from advance features to the top-quality nylon outer layer, our mattress offers everything you would want from a medical-grade mattress.

As one of the largest suppliers of hospital mattresses in the world, we have the capacity to deliver a large volume of mattresses to the USA and other clients. So, if you are looking for a reliable partner who can deliver the best product within time, choose Aumet as your hospital mattress supplier.

At Aumet, we pride ourselves on our pioneering and innovative products. We invest money and resources into the R&D process to keep up with our technological superiority and come up with the best product for our customers, that’s one reason why Aumet is the top choice for some of the best hospitals in the USA and many other countries around the world. Now, it’s your time to choose a hospital mattress that brings in value and comfort for your patients.

Features of Aumet Hospital Mattress

Aumet’s hospital mattresses come equipped with the latest technology and features that are parallels to some of the best products in its class. We offer all sizes hospital mattresses, as well as, various other sizes as per the needs and requirements of our clients. Some of the features of Aumet’s mattresses include:

-         Size – we offer full size hospital mattress, which virtually meets the size of any patient 

-         Health needs – Our medical-grade mattresses are manufactured to keep up with the health needs of the patients. We understand that patients’ comfort and safety is of prime importance and thereby make sure to offer them superior features including self-turning feature, easy to remove and clean top layers and much more.

-         Budget – our hospital mattress cost is amongst the most competitive you will find anywhere in the market. You can call our dedicated customer service representatives for the quotation and you may also be eligible for some great discount on high-volume orders

What is the Aumet Hospital Mattress Price?

Aumet provides its customers to choose from a variety of ranges of mattresses in terms of pricing and categories. We have budget-friendly to the luxurious mattress in our product range. However, what distinguishes us from other manufacturers in the market is our ability and the economies of scale we achieve to create the best quality mattress even in the economical variety. 

Going towards our luxury product, it would provide extreme comfort and longevity seen by none other. Our customers enjoy a high level of customization in terms of sizes of the mattress and thickness as well. 

What is a Hospital Bed Mattress?

Hospital mattresses are medical-grade variants that are much different from the general-purpose mattresses which are used at homes. There are various medical and general benefits of hospital mattresses, which makes them superior to those that are used at homes. Since, the medical grade mattresses need to offer supreme comfort and support along with the flexibility to the patients, as well as, medical practitioners, these are specifically designed under strict scientific systems to keep up with the health and safety standards. And if you are considering how long are hospital mattresses, then, these generally come in full size, as to meet all virtual patients. The quality of hospital mattresses is also generally much higher than general-purpose variation because these are often used for long durations by patients, thus it’s important to ensure comfort and health consideration of the patients in view. Also, since these mattresses would be used by different patients weighing differently, they need to be sturdy, flexible, and durable to support patients of different weights for a long time.

Another important factor for the hospital mattresses is hygiene, where these beds should be able to keep up with the cleaning standards of the hospitals. These mattresses are produced to clean easily, while also offering anti-microbial properties to discourage infestation from mites or bed bugs. At Aumet, our hospital mattresses are manufactured under the state-of-the-art facility in Australia with stringent quality-controls for highest-quality standards.

What is the Importance of a Hospital Mattress?

The selection of a hospital mattress (also called “Medical Mattress”) should be exhaustive and scrupulous as it concerns a patient's, who is already suffering from the ailment, comfort during their stay at the hospital as well as the hospital's reputation to some extent. The fact, how important a good night's sleep is for a patient, cannot be ignored and we are aware of the significant role played by a mattress in providing just that. They are designed very differently from those that are used in our homes keeping in mind the safety concerns and comfort of patients.

How to Choose The Right Hospital Mattress?

We already discussed the types of mattresses catering to different needs of different patients and the factors to consider when buying a mattress. 

Size – A hospital mattress comes in a standard size of 36” of width and 80” of length. However, upon demand, these sizes can be extended up to 40” of width and 84” of length. The main purpose of a hospital mattress is to fit the hospital bed and surpass the height of a patient. 

Flexibility – Most of the hospital beds come with adjustable features and thus, their respective mattresses should be such as to fit those adjusting positions. They should not break or make tears while being adjusted alongside the bed.

User mobility – For the patients who are required to spend more time in bed, a mattress that is of good quality and foam-made is preferred.

Sizes of a Hospital Mattress

Standard Mattress: These mattresses are generally manufactured as innerspring mattresses, which comprise of a spring foundation or high-density foam, or at times comes as the combination of both to offer superior comfort and strength.

Bariatric Mattress: This type of mattress generally comes with a width greater than 36’’. The best part about bariatric mattress is its’ weight limit, which is generally higher than other types of mattresses. These mattresses are manufactured using high-density foam and help improving the comfort for the patient. The main advantage of these mattresses is their ability to rotate the pressure being put on a body so that the probability of sore formation is reduced.

Air Mattress Systems: these mattresses comes with various variations and categories. The main purpose of these mattresses is to offer varying level of therapeutic support that redistribute the weight across the mattress for better comfort of patients. These mattresses help in the prevention of serious ailments resulting from prolonged bed rest like bed sores or skin shearing.   

How to clean a Hospital Mattress?

For a patient, who is already suffering from an ailment, cleanliness is of utmost importance. Also, for a hospital budget, it is not feasible to change the mattresses now and then. Therefore, in order to increase the life of a mattress, regular disinfecting and washing is essential. Chemicals of high quality should be used during the process of disinfecting to protect the fabric from damage. 

Types of Hospital Mattresses

During the selection of a hospital mattress, various factors should be considered. For example, the health of the patient, hospital budget, quality, size of the mattress, and its thickness. Yes, you heard it right. The thickness of the mattress does matter because it has a lot to do with the comfort of a patient. The firmness of a mattress is an important factor to consider as well when it comes to a unique kind of ailments like bedsores, body aches, etc. Firmness and softness of a mattress is also a matter of personal preference and vary from person to person. Some people may find it more comfortable to sleep in the cradle of a soft mattress while some might prefer a firm mattress for their aching bodies. Hospital management or the person concerned should aid in the need of patients depending on their stays in the hospital. Let us dive into the types of mattresses available.

1.      Innerspring Mattress: This is the most commonly used type of mattress having similar features like the one we use at our homes. It is suitable for those who are not bedridden for an extended period. Though these are the simplest mattresses, they might provide some additional features that would help provide a long term of service both at home and the healthcare facilities. When going to select an innerspring mattress, the following are the features to look for:

Size – This mattress provides about the size which is comfortable for the bed and the patient.

Ease of care – These mattresses are typically covered with a robust cover which makes cleaning very easy and done in a snap. 

Comfort – These mattresses are among the firmest mattress styles. Some of these mattresses are specifically designed for the comfort of home. A bed topper or a bed overlay may be used with it to provide the cooling effect. 

2.      Foam Prevention Mattress: Some ailments require patients to be bedridden for months or even years. This can cause them to generate bedsores if they have been using regular mattresses to sleep on. These mattresses are designed specifically for those patients.

3.      Alternating Pressure Relief and Medical Air Mattress: This type of mattress is required by a patient who is already suffering from an ulcer or bed sores. It is very soothing for a patient because its design helps the air cells inside the mattress to inflate and deflate. These air cells are responsible for the alternation of pressure points to promote air circulation. 

Patients of bedsores who are bedridden for a long period require the free circulation of air to soothe their pain. Moreover, other ailments requiring patients to stay in bed for a longer period need a mattress which provides a thorough passage of air as the patient may face sweating which can affect their skin as well. Although these are the most expensive ones, they provide the most customization and comfort in their usage.

Choosing a medical air mattress, one should consider the following:

Turning – a vast majority of the medical air mattresses comes with an inside air chamber which is meant to offer easy lateral turning option for the patient. This helps in minimizing the pressure against the body and prevent/treat bedsores. They also tend to increase comfort through higher circulation and drainage of mucosal substances.

Size – Safety and comfort of a patient are of utmost importance which is provided by a right-sized mattress. These are the right kind of mattresses that fit almost all the hospital beds.

Skin health - During prolonged bed rest, the skin of a bed occupant can be compromised in various other forms, other than bedsores, as well. In addition to the features explained above, hospital air mattresses provide additional comforting elements that will aid in promoting healthy skin. These elements include anti-shearing zones located at the top and bottom ends of an air mattress which will reduce friction to help guard the scapula and heels against roughness.  

Transfer Capability - Inflation and deflation are needed to perform daily activities and hence, this air mattress strives to provide an automated transfer mode for the necessary inflation and deflation. There are some models which provide continuously inflated mattress to coup up with the power outages so that the occupant gets all the support needed.  

4.      Lateral Rotation Mattress: Bedridden patients have a lot to choose from. This mattress is designed specifically to provide the comfort of changing sides for patients who cannot do so on their own. It comes with a rotator to gently rotate the patient on their sides to give them more comfort. 

What’s the right way of disposal of hospital mattresses?

Since hospital mattresses are used for a long time by patients of various diseases, they should be properly disposed of, to avoid any health consequences. The best way is to contact the local municipality and inform them of the disposal of mattresses. Also, call the sanitation services to sanitize the mattress before disposing of it.

Which is the best hospital mattress?

While there are various factors that contribute to the choice of the best hospital mattress, generally, the innerspring mattress is considered as the best-suited mattress for hospitals. Such mattress shares many similarities to the regular mattress and offers superior comfort for patients spending long durations in the bed.



Hospital Mattress

Hospital Mattress

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