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Aumet Surgical Scrub - 500 ml

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VENDOR: Aumet Products

500 ml
1 L
5 L

Active Ingredients 

Chlorhexidine Digluconate 4 %

Indication and Usage: 

-Ready to use Surgical hands scrub in a solution form 

-that provide high effect and great skin tolerance. 

-Hygienic hand wash: 3ml/30sec. 

-Surgical hand wash: 2x3ml/5min. 

-Rinse and dry thoroughly. 


- Less waste than traditional hand washing. 

- Water-soluble dye and fragrance-free. 

- Help to maintain skin condition.

Made of Origin 

Made in Turkey


  • ISO 
  • GMP
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Buy highest-quality surgical scrub products from Aumet

Aumet is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of premium grade surgical hand wash products, with the capacity to produce over 100k medical hand scrub per day. We maintain a large and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Turkey and export to many countries in Europe and the Americas.

We accept bulk order (minimum 5000 bottles) and ensure timely manufacturing and delivery of the order as per the agreement.

Aumet Surgical Hand scrub - Directions for use

  • Pre-operative disinfection:

To completely disinfect your arms, wet your hands up to the forearms and apply 5ml of Aumet’s Surgical Scrub and keeping scrubbing for one minute. Make sure to cleanse the fingernails using a scraper. Once done, rinse the solution with water and reapply the solution and keep scrubbing for 2 to 3 minutes. Once done, rinse and dry.

  • Antiseptic Hand Wash:

For antiseptic hand wash, simply wet your hands and forearms, apply Aumet’s Surgical Scrub (5ml) and scrub the solution for up to one minute. Rinse and dry.

  • Pre-operative antisepsis for surgeries:

Take a shower on the day of surgery and wash the whole body with Aumet’s medical scrub solution. Take 25ml of the solution and start applying it to the body, start with the face and move downwards over the entire body. Repeat the process after the surgery, as well.

Characteristics of Aumet’s Surgical Scrub

Aumet is offering highest-quality hand wash surgical scrub with all prerequisite characteristics required for a medical-grade product including:

  • Antimicrobial Action: Aumet’s premium surgical scrub comes with a diverse range of antimicrobial activity, against most of the known pathogenic organisms. Our researched produce is made to work rapidly and eliminate 99.9% of all microbial activity within a short time before being rinsed off.
  • Persistent Activity: At Aumet’s we understand the importance of persistent activity for the surgical scrub to keep the bacterial growth to a minimum under the gloves. Since surgeons often have to go for a surgery that goes for many hours. Thereby, our surgical scrub products keep bacterial growth in check for long hours under the gloves.
  • Safety: the safety and protection of surgeons and patients is our prime concern. Aumet’s premium grade surgical scrub is manufactured from highly-researched ingredients to give it a non-irritating and non-sensitizing effect. It is completely safe for the skin and environment, with no ocular or ototoxicity
  • Acceptance: We understand the importance of a medical product to get accepted amongst the healthcare workers. Our premium medical hand wash has already gained massive appreciation and acceptance amongst the healthcare workers across many countries and we are continuously enhancing the quality of our product with a deep investment in research and development to keep up with the highest standards.

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When you order in bulk with Aumet, you can be sure of dealing with one of the largest manufacturers and exporter, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. We offer unmatched customer services to ensure businesses are able to receive their orders of high-quality surgical scrub without any delays.


Aumet Surgical Scrub - 500 ml

Aumet Surgical Scrub - 500 ml

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500 ml
1 L
5 L