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Aumet Liquid Soap - 500 ml

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VENDOR: Aumet Products

500 ml
5 L

Active Ingredients

Benzalkonium Chloride 0.2 %

Indication and Usage:

Ready to use antibacterial hand Soap in a solution form that provides high antimicrobial effect and great skin tolerance. Used as a hand washing for semi-critical areas

Apply 3 ml of Vancy Liquid Soap on your hands and rub well for 2 minutes and then

rinse with running tape water.



- Less waste than traditional hand washing.

- Effective against drug resistance bacteria.

- Enriched with moisturizers and emollients


Country of Origin 

Made in Turkey


  • ISO 
  • GMP
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Aumet is a well-established name in the manufacturing of chemical household and medical care equipment.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of cleaning, daily use chemical, and other healthcare products offering high-quality standards, competitive pricing, and timely delivery of orders to businesses across the world. With over a decade of experience in the manufacturing and exporting industry, we have the capacity, resources, and expertise to deliver our clients a well-researched, scientifically manufactured, and timely delivered the order.

We are proud to bring to our clients the best liquid soap, manufactured with extensive research and offered and most competitive pricing. Our pure-Castile liquid soap is manufactured in our massive manufacturing facility in Turkey with a daily production limit of over 100k pcs of liquid soap 500ml. The product is manufactured keeping in view the hygiene and safety standards and comes with ISO and GMP certifications. We are already exporting the liquid soap in bulk to many countries across Europe, America, and Asia and have the capacity to take in bulk order for delivery across the world.

Our large supply chain logistical system ensures we can deliver liquid soap container within the stipulated time. The antibacterial liquid soap offered by Aumet comes at most competitive pricing and the pricing will keep going down with the volume of the order being increased.

So buy liquid soap from Aumet with complete reliability for quality and timely deliverance.

Do You Wash Your Hands the Right Way?

According to scientists and researchers, hands must be rubbed for at least 20 seconds after applying soap to remove all bacteria, viruses, and other harmful organisms. Once you are done rubbing, hands should be washed thoroughly under a tap.

You should know the basics of handwashing to ensure complete protection. The focus during the hand wash should be on the palms, in between the fingers, fingertips, and at the back of the hands. Below are some important steps to washing hands and keep them safe from harmful bacteria, viruses, and other organisms.

  • Rinse your hands underwater
  • Apply liquid hand soap
  • Rub the soap thoroughly across the hand including palm, spaces in between fingers, fingertips, and back of the hand
  • Keep rubbing the soap for at least 20 seconds
  • A good way is to rub one palm over the back of the other hand, as well as, run the fingers of two hands in between with each other
  • Run the fingers of one hand over the backside of the fingers of the other hand and vice versa
  • Once every part of the hand is rubbed and covered in lather rinse the soap thoroughly under the tap
  • Dry the hand using either hand dryer or using a paper towel
  • Use a paper towel to turn off the tap

How Often Should You Wash Your Hands?

Doctors and health experts advise to wash your hands as frequently as possible, especially before eating anything or when you come from outside or when you touch something that you aren’t sure is safe. In short, there isn’t too much when it comes to washing your hand, and when you are using pure liquid soap from Aumet, you can be sure about the safety and moisturizing of your skin.

The daily quota for the hand wash will depend on the environment in which you live, and how much you care to stay healthy.

Generally, you should always wash your hands:

  • After using the toilet
  • After coming from the outside
  • After touching anything dirty
  • Before eating anything
  • After using anything that you think is prone to dirt or bacteria (mobile phones, steering wheels, public doorknobs, elevator buttons, etc.)
  • After coughing or sneezing

It is recommended to train children to frequently wash their hands under elders’ supervision. This will not only help them adopt frequent hand washing habits but also make them learn the right way to wash their hands. Generally, adults are harder to train for hand washing, as they frequently overlook hand washing due to habit.

Benefits of Hand Wash

- A safer environment

Hand washing is practiced routinely by all members of the society or members of the family ensures the health and well-being of all members. It ensures that no bacteria or viruses are transmitted from person to person, as well as, avoid spreading harmful viruses and bacteria through contact with random objects.

- Prevention from Diarrhea

Bacteria laden fecal matter may cause significant health concerns including diarrhea and intestinal illnesses. Frequent liquid hand washes after toilet use significantly reduce the risk of diarrhea and other illnesses by eliminating most of the fecal bacteria.

- Avoid Eye infections

Bacteria and viruses can enter in our eyes as we touch or rub our eyes without washing hands. It’s highly recommended for people to minimize eye rubbing or touching without washing hands with high-quality liquid hand soap. 

- Avoid respiratory tract infections

Viruses can coronavirus and many others can enter our body and make way to the respiratory tract, posing life-threatening situations. Washing hands using pure liquid soap can eliminate the germs found in hands and thus help avoid any many respiratory tract infections.

To sum up, hand washing using high-quality liquid hand soap is overall recommended to keep up with health and wellness.

It’s important to remember that we are all surrounded by people all the time. And you never know the carrier of bacteria or viruses which can potentially impact your health. Also, people around us cough and sneeze all the time, and there is no way you can avoid getting in contact with these potentially harmful organisms that surround us all the time. 

Your best way to stay healthy and avoid bacteria is to keep washing your hand with standard liquid hand soap. Make sure the soap you use has the right ingredients required to eliminate common bacteria and viruses.

Aumet – the premium liquid soap manufacturer!

As a premium soap products company, Aumet understands the necessity of keeping up with the health and safety standards for liquid soap manufacturing. Get in touch with our customer representative today for bulk orders and fast delivery of exclusive Aumet’s best liquid soap.

Aumet Liquid Soap - 500 ml

Aumet Liquid Soap - 500 ml

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500 ml
5 L