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Nal Von Minden Medical Supplier

in vitro diagnostic products

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About Nal Von Minden

For 30 years nal von minden has successfully been serving customers and has become a trusted expert for the production and distribution of in-vitro diagnostic products and point of care testing. The company has two roots: one, von minden was founded by Wolfgang von Minden in Moers, Germany in 1982, selling diagnostic reagents to clinical laboratories and being the first to CE mark drug abuse rapid tests in Germany in 1999. The second is nal24, a company providing Europe wide point of care tests,

We, at nal von minden GmbH, are sales professionals, specialising in vitro diagnostic products for the European market. In the field of drug analysis and medical diagnosis, we provide a comprehensive and innovative range of products of the highest quality.

Our current portfolio includes rapid tests and ELISA tests for the areas of pediatrics, gynecology, urology, infectious diseases, bacteriology, serology and toxicology. Laboratory confirmation is also a service we can offer our partners.

We have experienced onsite specialists who are available to answer any questions you may have: from product development and technical support to quality assurance.

For over 30 years we have been caring for our customers as a company. Our long-term experience and know-how with products for laboratories, in-vitro diagnostics and analytics enables us to offer products that meet the exact demands of our customers.

In the year 2008 nal24 GmbH from Regensburg and the von Minden GmbH from Moers merged and from then on nal von minden GmbH was formed. This successful merger enabled an enhancement of the previous business activities on the European market and – by using synergies – can offer advantages to our customers through the expansion of in vitro diagnostics sales and greater efficiency.

Our marketing and sales team is divided between the main sites of Regensburg (Germany), Moers (Germany) and Den Haag (Netherlands). Our products are tested in our logistics center in Moers, before being sent from here on to our customers across Europe. We also have a Marketing and Sales Team dedicated solely for the UK and Ireland Market, with our native English speaking team available to answer any questions you may have.

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Sewan Matousian

Product and Service Manager

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