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Karlstorz endoscopy Medical Supplier

Number of employees

300 employees

About Karlstorz endoscopy

Since its beginnings in 1945, the KARL STORZ family company has grown into a global manufacturer and distributor of endoscopes, medical instruments, and devices. We are no giant on an international scale but a leader in the things that matter: creativity, flexibility, and expertise.

Our range of endoscopic instruments for human medicine, veterinary medicine, and industrial endoscopy now includes more than 15,000 products. The most recent KARL STORZ developments are in digital documentation systems and comprehensive operating room concepts. As a system supplier, the company combines its expertise in endoscopy with software solutions to achieve integration in the operating room and to support clinical process and resource management.

Our Philosophy

The future has tradition – and tradition has a future

This guiding statement of company management is well known to each and every KARL STORZ staff member. It stands for the characteristics that are at the root of the company’s success: Visionary ideas that are grounded by traditional, precise workmanship and are integrated into a concept of sustainable entrepreneurship. With this recipe for success, the company confidently faces future challenges. Long-term, sustainable development is always our primary concern. Our family-run company plans in terms of generations rather than quarters.

It is only consistent that employees play a key role in this managerial paradigm. Any company’s success is the result of its people, who contribute their skills and thereby advance ideas. Consequently, our company strives to create long-term relationships with our employees, support them through advanced training, and thereby pool experience. Many years and often decades of employment with the company is the rule at KARL STORZ and ensures reliability and stability for the company and employees alike.

Our Founder

Karl Storz founded his company for the production of ENT instruments, headlamps and binocular loupes in 1945. This interest in medical vision, illumination, and thus physics consequently led him to specialize in endoscopes. He became fascinated with the idea of developing instruments that would enable the physician to look inside the body. However, the technology available at the time was still very limited. The area under examination in the interior of the human body was illuminated with miniature electric lamps. Alternatively, attempts were made to reflect light from an external source into the body through an endoscopic tube.

Karl Storz quickly realized that this method would not provide adequate illumination and so he resolved to find an alternative. In realizing this dream, Karl Storz benefited from two rather contradictory character traits: The unerring meticulousness of the craftsman and the imaginative power of the artist and inventor. The solution he found still holds true today: Very bright light generated by an external light source is introduced into the body through a flexible fiber optic light cable. The principle of "cold light illumination" paved the way for modern endoscopy and laid the foundation for the future success of the company KARL STORZ. With more than 400 patents and utility models, Karl Storz has played a crucial role in the development of modern endoscopy.

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Contact Person

Ara Sarkissian

Managing director Africa,East & gulf