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JCE Biotechnology Medical Supplier

Isolators, Bio-decontamination

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About JCE Biotechnology

JCE Biotechnology , with more than 20 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and maintenance of customized isolators and personalized solutions for isolation technology, offers a broad range of equipment and products that comply with the constantly changing regulatory requirements, the specific need of clean rooms and other controlled environments, and the protocols inherent in various activity sectors:

. Isolators

. Bio-decontamination Systems

. Transfer Airlocks

. Secure RTP (Rapid Transfer Port)-type transfer systems

. Range of accessories and single-use consumables

Our product development approach is mainly concerned with ensuring optimum, safety, ergonomic, performance and productivity conditions:

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Contamination prevention

Complete protection of personnel and the working environment

Maintain seamless confinement for all products handled

Complete absence of the risk of cross-contamination between products during processes and in their relative environments

Ergonomically positioned workstations and easy handling

Efficiency, productivity and optimal processes and flows

Managing contamination has become an issue shared by a growing number of businesses using clean rooms and sterile environments in response to the following problems and considerations:

Increased safety requirements

The development of regulatory compliance

New manufacturing technology requirements (e.g., nanotechnology)

The transfer of cleanness requirements up and downstream in the production chain, as a part of managing the ultra-cleanness chain

The search for optimum productivity and a competitive advantage

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