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What can I do on Aumet as a distributor?

Aumet allows you to contact suppliers from all over the world, nonetheless, you can know the distributors of these suppliers and how much each supplier have been rated and reviewed by his distributors to help you decide who to partner with, you can also get the latest news and tenders in your country, all of that for free!

How can I contact suppliers?

Use the search bar on homepage, select the medical line you are interested in, select your country, and click on search, then all suppliers who supplies the medical line you are interested in and looking for distributors in your country will show to you, click on the products you are interested in, and click on "Send Message Now" to contact the supplier directly.

How can I get inquiries from valuable suppliers?

Aumet allows you to add the products you are interested in along with the attributes you are looking for in the supplier. Adding your interests allows aumet’s intelligent matching system to read your data and give the weight to your preferences, and match you with the supplier that is perfect for you, who will contact you directly.

How can I decide who is the right supplier to contact?

Look for suppliers who has "VERIFIED" badge, this badge means that this supplier has listed his distributors, and aumet approved their partnership. Verified means that the supplier has business running, and the more verifications he has, the bigger he is. You can also check the rating of the supplier by checking his profile, the ratings are given from his distributors to him.


How can I create a medical distributor account?

Go to to create a medical distributor account .

How can I change/reset my password?

You can reset your password by going to this link

How can I change my company logo?

Click on your picture on the top right in navigation bar, Choose “Edit Company Details", scroll down and click on "select logo" to upload your new logo, then save the changes.

How can I change my personal profile photo?

Click on your picture on the top right in navigation bar, Choose “Edit User Profile", scroll down and click on "upload photo" to upload your new photo, then save the changes.

Why uploading my company logo and profile photo is important?

It gives more credibility to your profile and make suppliers willing to work with you.

Why uploading the company profile is important?

It help suppliers and end users know more about your company just by one click.

How can I change my company details?

Click on your picture on the top right corner in navigation bar, then choose “Edit Company Details”.

How can I change my personal details?

Click on your picture on the top right corner in navigation bar, Choose “Edit User Profile",


What are interests?

Interests are the products distributors are interested to work on and distribute in their country, the interest includes the product, the field of specialty the product in medical field along with the medical line, and at last the region from which the product is being manufactured.

Why do I have to add my interests?

Adding your interests will help you connect with the best suppliers for you, which most likely make longer partnership with them.

How can I add my interests?

Click on “Dashboard” in the navigation bar, chose "My Interests", then click on the "+" sign that says "List Interests", now select the specialty, the medical line, the name of the product, and the region you are interested in, then click on “Save & Add more” to add more interests (recommended), or “Save” to add the interest.

What is "Specialty" ?

The specialty is the medical field that the product is being used in, for example: Urology, Orthopedics, ..etc.

How many Interests can I add at my profile?

You can add as much interests as you want, it is recommended to add all your interests increase your chance of finding the best supplier for you.


What is verification?

Verification is the process of listing all your current suppliers to verify that they are working with you, and they will show on your profile.

Why should I be verified distributor?

Verification is what distinguish strong distributors from week ones, through verification:

  • Your suppliers will appear on your company profile which will give your company more credibility.
  • Suppliers will be interested to work with your company knowing that you are doing business for other suppliers in your country.

How can I be a verified distributor?

Go to verification page, and invite your current suppliers, they will be invited to verify you, and once they approve it they will appear on your profile.

Who can verify me?

All of your suppliers that you are selling their products in your country.

How can I rate and review my suppliers?

After you make verification with your suppliers, go to their profile and click on "Rate supplier".

How can I get rating and reviews?

After you make verification with a supplier, they can rate and review by clicking in “Rate distributor”.

How aumet assure that all verifications happen on the website are real?

We ask suppliers to provide us with an authorization letter that proves the partnership between both parties.

What if my supplier doesn’t accept my verification request?

We recommend you to send him an email or give him a phone call to accept your request, your supplier receives your request on his email address you provided, so by registering on the same address, he can find your request available to accept after registration.

Contacting suppliers

How can I contact medical distributors?

Click on “Dashboard” in the navigation bar, then click on “Find products”, then all products listed by suppliers who are looking for distributors appears to you, select a product, review the product details, and click on “Send Message Now”

Tenders & News

How can I see daily news and tenders?

You can access them from dashboard by clicking on “Tenders & News”

How do tenders & news reach me?

Our smart system scans all local newspapers and articles from their official website, find medical related news and tenders, save the source, and then share them with you daily.

How often news & tenders get updated

The system scans into all newspapers daily.

How can I see the source of the news and tenders?

By choosing the article or the tender, then clicking on “Download source” button.

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