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Hakomed Italia Medical Supplier

Manufaturer of qmd® brand

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About Hakomed Italia

Hakomed Italia – the company

Hako-Med Italia is a company founded 18 years ago and it was born in Italy to import the electrotherapy

device "Horizontal Therapy" produced by Hako-Med GmbH (D), in 10 years we had sold more than 500

units. Since 2007 we are exclusive distributors for Diers GmbH (D), a manufacturer of devices for the postural

analysis, which we always sell successfully on the national territory. In parallel, we have always sold several of devices for physical therapy and rehabilitation. In 2014, thanks to the great knowledge that we have achieved in recent years, we have had the idea of developing our own brand of therapeutic devices and since 2015, after a long and intensive development, we are on the market with the qmd® brand. We currently have a distribution network deployed throughout the national territory and we are already partner of the exclusive distributor of Spine-Med in Germany, the exclusive distributor of Physiomed in Switzerland, the distributor of Lojer in Austria and the exclusive distributor of HUR, Galileo, SciFit, etc. in

Saudi Arabia, but we are trying to rapidly expand our business looking for global distributors.

qmd® – qualified medical device

After a long and scientific study of the bibliography, identifying tissues, cells, molecules and mediators

involved in inflammation, pain, stiffness, swelling, etc. and finding, moreover, also the operating frequencies of these, is born a new line of devices for laser therapy and cryo-thermal therapy branded qmd®.

qmd® is a line of medical equipment, which are characterized by their ease of use, but at the same time

also for the high technology, manufactured with high quality materials and with a sophisticated design with

attention to every single detail.

The qmd® electromedical devices are characterized by:

- innovation

the qmd® devices aggregate into a single device all the news of laser- and cryo-thermal therapy, allow to solve many different problems with a single device and every program is designed so as to specifically address the patient's problem, like a drug;

- ease of use

both the use of the software and the administration of the treatments are extremely intuitive;

- speed of treatment

with the qmd® devices we can obtain immediate effects; just a few minutes to achieve the desired

therapeutic goal;

- integration

there is the possibility of the integration of different devices belonging to the same qmd® line.

Line of qmd® products

As you can see from our website, we have 5 different models of laser devices : three models with a single wavelength - 1064nm, a model with double wavelengths - 808nm + 1064nm and the flagship model with triple wavelengths - 1064 + 808 + 1120nm (absolutely innovation on the market).

Furthermore we have a model of cryo-thermal device that gives the possibility to make cold, hot, thermal

shock and contrast therapy (cycles of heat and cold) and 4 models of combined devices (laser + cryothermal) as each every laser device can be fitted with the cryo-thermal therapy at any time.

Our starting point is that we are not trying to perfect something first built years ago, but we are building

something new and innovative.

qmd® innovations:

• disbursement in all modes (continuous, pulsed, super pulsed and a frequencies scan wave)

• singular pilotage of various wavelengths

• qmd® harmonic pulsation

• wavelength 1120nm

• contrast therapy®

• thermal shock

• upgrade

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Orges Thika

Export Manager

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