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Equilibra srl Medical Supplier

cosmetic, nutrition

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55 employees

About Equilibra srl

Equilibra’s products inspire confidence to the consumer that continues to purchase them because they are useful in different periods of life. The consumer can always find them near their home, under different signs.

The harmony between Equilibra and its consumers that phone, write to the company and live the company is remarkable and thanks to its consumers Equilibra is leader, in Italy, in the field of Dietary Supplements with a relevant market share both in volume and value.

The Cosmetics Division continues its success in the reference markets, with a continuously innovative, 100% Italian product offer, confirming a relevant position in the field of “natural” , recording an important growth rate.

In 2008, with the takeover of Syrio, Equilibra S.r.l., enters the Pharmacy channel with the Excellences of its products, Dietary Supplements and Cosmetics but, most of all in the field of make-up with its cool (Séphir) collections.

is the ambitious mission of this historical Italian enterprise, founded in Turin in 1987 based on the passion of Franco Bianco, an engineer, and which has now become the national reference in the field of well being and

With its products , it addresses all individuals that value Health and Beauty in a natural way, always combining Quality, Innovation and Price.

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