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Empire Surgical Medical Supplier

Manufacturer of Medical Instruments

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About Empire Surgical

Empire Surgical is a privately held medical instruments company established in 1970 devoted to innovation and quality in the crafting of surgical instruments. The company started as a specialist in reconstructive surgery & dental instruments and based on its progress and innovative drive gradually expanded to cover a vast range of surgical & dental instruments. We offer advanced solutions in and dental, surgical, veterinary, cardiovascular and electrosurgical instruments.

Why is Empire Devoted to Quality?

Our Manufacturing department has highly talented and skilled individuals.They work under significant time constraints and are needed to make split second decisions while performing complex operations. At Empire we understand that in such a scenario the surgeon requires tools that are not just appropriate for the purpose but are reliable, steadfast and manufactured by a company that has a track record for relentless pursuit for brilliance in the creation of surgical instruments.


At Empire we aim to make partnerships for life and our regulars have come to expect only the greatest in service from us.You can trust on our specialist advice.Our extensive instrument range enables us to provide individual solutions for our customers often with very strong requirements. Our friendly and customer focused team is always content to help you with any queries you might have. We are also able to manufacture prototype work and custom specials that are manufactured to customers requirements.

Customer can use the site login portal to build quotes and cross balance all with just a few clicks!


We will access your instruments marking requirements.

All our instruments are delivered laser marked with Empire logo, CE mark and product codes.

We can custom laser mark your hospital/clinic/department name etc upon demand.

One-year warranty including.

Instruments Repair

We can repair most types of surgical instruments and bring them back to as new condition where possible hence ensuring you get the maximum working life out of your investment.

Where an instrument is cannot be repaired we can suggest a replacement at reasonable prices. If your instrument requires repair, please contact as to discuss your requirements further.


Each and every instrument is the result of working experience of the manufacturing departments exact awareness of instrument specifications and industry important quality assurance.

All our instruments carry a limited lifetime warranty and are custom mixed from a high carbon and chromium steel alloy which is imported from Japan and Germany. We are ISO 13485 /ISO 9001 (QS Zurich) certified and CE approved to ensure compliance with the standards defined in line with medical devices and approved for cGMP regulation imposed by Federal and Drug Administration United States of America (FDA).

We are also under the process of becoming a member of Association of British Health Care Industries (ABHI).

Our commitment to quality is more than a stamp.

Terms and Conditions:

We at Empire Surgical regard all cultures and rejoice human diversity, but we suppose certain principles to be universal.As part of our commitment to this policy and continual development of our Quality Management System we give very high priority to the moral and ethical values of the business.

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Zain Rehman


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