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IR Thermometer

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VENDOR: Aumet Products


Product Information

  • Non-contact Infrared Thermometer JXB-178
  • Measurement of body/object/room temperature
  • Hygienic and safe-measure without skin contact


  • Measurement in <1 second Infrared measurement technology
  • Display in Centigrade or Fahrenheit
  • Free high temperature alarm setting
  • Unit size: 155 x 100 x 40 mm (L x W x H)
  • Unit weight (including batteries): 105g
  • Temperature display resolution: 0.1°C and 0.1°F
  • Measuring range: - In body mode: 32°C ~ 43°C (89.6°F ~ 109.4°F) 

Shipping Information

The lead time for 1,000 pcs is 7 days 


  • CE
  • ISO
  • GMP


  • Made in China
  • Alternative origin from Turkey is also available at different prices

Production Capacity

  • 100K pcs / day



  • Box size : 187*120*57mm
  • Carton size is 590*390*270mm( 40 pcs in one carton)


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+962 7 9193 2594
Europe & America
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+971 50 950 9178
Asia & Australia
Liang Ye
+86 138 1030 9367

Measure Temperatures Easily with the Best-in-Class Aumet IR Thermometer

Why Aumet Inc.?

Aumet brings world class medical equipment right to your doorstep since 2015. It is a USA based firm which is dedicated to providing you with some of the best medical equipment from around the world. Our team of ecommerce experts deals in a variety of medical equipment including 3-ply face makes, KN95 face masks, shoe covers, isolation gowns, head covers, overalls, vitamins, Covid Elisa IgG and IgM kits, infrared thermometers and much more. The platform is globally recognized and displays some of the best work ethics when it comes to medical equipment dealerships. We believe in bringing world-class medical equipment right to your doorstep at a fairly affordable price compared to the rest of the market. 

Bringing the Aumet’s Very Own Infrared Thermometers

Choosing the best IR thermometer is no child’s play. You have to research a variety of products until you conclude that the one you’re purchasing has just about everything that you can expect from an IR thermometer gun. At Aumet, we believe in delivering only the best product to our clients and customers. Therefore, we go beyond the length to find the right product to serve our prospects in the best way ever. 

At Aumet, we bring the JBX - 178 IR thermometer gun which is one of the remarkable products.

Why Buy Infrared Thermometer Guns From Aumet? 

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider Aumet Thermometer guns compared to other thermometer medical devices that are commonly used for temperature reading at hospitals and places.

The IR Thermometer We Are Selling Provides Contactless Temperature Reading

Temperature taking has single-handedly been made easier, all thanks to no contact digital infrared thermometers. Now you can rest easy because you don’t have to get in any uncomfortable situation where you have to come in close with any of your patients. Coronavirus pandemic has taken quite a many lives around the world and is rapidly spreading. And one of the causes why the COVID 19 virus is spreading so fast is through human contact. However, caring about the people’s needs, we have come up with the JBX - 178 IR thermogun because this product allows doctors and attendees to take temperature readings from a safe distance. Whether the patient is going through a high fever or is encountering just a common flu, you can now rest easy while using this product of ever befalling the tragedy of getting infected with the contagion. Maintain a safe distance and take temperature readings without any hassle. 

At the same time, it will help you minimize the discomfort through which the already frail patient is going about. You don’t have to put the cold machine on the head of the patient so they don’t have to feel it. Plus, the IR thermometer doesn’t spray hot air out which makes it just about a more favorable option. This easily earns it the spot of the best infrared thermometer for nurses. Unlike others that require contact with each patient, this one doesn’t so there’s no chance of equipment contamination with this IR thermometer. 

With our IR Thermometers, You Get Convenience

With both convenience and precision as the priorities, the JBX-178 allows the user to accurately and instantaneously read a person’s temperature with a simple push of a button. The infrared thermometer is equipped with multiple modes of temperature recording; Surface Room and Body temperature.

The availability of three different modes makes the thermometers far more versatile than any other temperature measuring apparatus. Aumet’s JBX-178 is undeniably the best infrared thermometer for surface and body. With a simple change of the settings and clicking of the scan button, you can instantly display the temperature on the small digital screen of the thermometer and get the best results in no time.

We at Aumet Bring the Best Cheap IR Thermometers

Aumet wants to deliver an affordably priced cheap infrared thermometer to their clients around the world so they can have the best medical instruments to measure the temperature of patients at a price as low as $38. With absolutely no compromise on quality of the product or the quality of your life, Aumet’s infrared thermometer factory churns out the best digital infrared thermometers only for you without putting a dent in your wallet. With a minimum order of a thousand pieces, these infrared thermometer manufacturers in the USA give you both quantity and quality without making you spend a fortune.

Accuracy and Additional Features

Aumet’s medical infrared thermometers are furnished with<1 second Infrared measurement technology that allows the handheld infrared thermometer to have the utmost precision. The accuracy of IR thermometers is far greater compared to all the other contending thermometers. As different parts of the world use different standard units to measure temperature, the infrared thermometer manufacturers are sure to allow the display to calibrate in both Centigrade or Fahrenheit. This permits the viability of the IR thermometer in China to persist just as it would in the United States of America.

Being the best IR thermometer, the JBX-178 is endowed with high temperature alarm settings, allowing the user to set a specific temperature as the safe ceiling. If it ever crosses the set temperature, the thermometer emits a beeping sound as an alarm to alert the medical personnel.

With measurements of 155 mm length, 100 mm width and 40 mm height along with the total weight, including the batteries, of 105g, the infrared thermometer is a particularly light device to carry. The thermometers have a temperature display resolution as low as 0.1°C and 0.1°F for the purpose of providing the most accurate temperature reading possible. In body temperature mode the range of perceptible temperatures starts from 32°C And ends at 43°C, in Fahrenheit this range would be from 89.6°F to 109.4°F.

Why is Aumet the Best Option for You?

In times of necessary sanitization, Aumet always comes through with the best preventive measures. We take all necessary safety precautions to ensure that the best products get delivered to you safe and sound. If you want any information regarding our different products, there are plenty of them available on the official website. At our website, we believe in delivering ease of service to our customers so we have added many interesting features. Just by searching up things like “buy IR thermometers”, the website will navigate you to the desired location and offer you with an option to request quotation, provide you with the standard price, the product information, delivery time, specifications, certificates, origin, product capacity and even the packaging information. All such information can help our clients to make well-informed decisions especially some of our clients who hold great importance in the medical field. 

As for how the client should proceed through our website when ordering products in bulk quantity? 

To start off, the client would have to look for the option to request quotation labeled on a yellow button on the top right corner of the page, to ask for the price of the specific number of thermometers required. Upon clicking on it, a list of products will be displayed from which the client would choose the infrared thermometers, this leads the client to a dialogue box in which they would input their contact information. The company would be in touch with the curious party about the quotation shortly after via the email address the client has provided. However, there’s a limit to the number of IR thermometers you purchase. 

The website also provides email and a helpline for customer support so if you ever need help on demand, we are always there to help. Instances when you order a thermometer urgently, and you make a purchase but the product isn’t up to your liking, then you can always contact our customer support so we can ask where the problem is and how you are encountering it. If there’s some shortfall from our end, then we would definitely love to help resolve the matter at the earliest. We offer live chat support to our customers as well. We also guarantee a quick response so as a customer you don’t have to wait in line to get served. 

Certified and Approved Products

Certification is key for any form of mass-produced medical equipment and Aumet’s IR thermometer has been certified by all seals of approval that count. It has been approved by an international body composed of important representatives representing various national standards associations. Among these standard associations, there are some popularly known organizations such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as well. The task of ISO is to determine whether a particular product meets the quality standards set by the state regulations or not. It determines whether the product is worth selling or it is not. 

Aumet has also earned the approval of selling products from the Food and Drug Association (FDA), which allows the usage of these IR thermometer guns all across the United States of America in a safe and certain capacity. The company’s thermometers have easily earned the approval of both the European Economic Area (EEA) and Conformité Européene (CE) for their sale in all parts of the European Union without dispute or any hold up. Their IR thermometers are significant for general purpose usage.

Unique Location Advantage

The corporate sector of Aumet Inc. is situated in the state of California in the United States of America, however, their products are made entirely in China. This puts them in a uniquely beneficial position to not only distribute the thermometers across the globe but to have a high production rate and to have a cost effective factory set up that allows them to sell the best quality infrared thermometers for incredibly affordable prices.

Shipping Security

The people over at Aumet guarantee the best quality products shipped right to your preferred location. To ensure that it fulfils this guarantee, they contact you for shipping details through phone or through email. The total cost of the number of thermometers and the shipping is revised and relayed to the customer once the shipping details are disclosed.

How does Aumet’s Infrared Thermometers Work?

Infrared thermometers are usually utilized in situations when any other sorts of thermometers would be unfeasible. In the event that subject is exceptionally delicate or hazardous to be too close to, for instance, an infrared thermometer is a viable means to get a temperature from a protected separation.

How it Detects Temperature

The “black body radiation'' is a phenomenon which dictates that any substance with a temperature over absolute zero would have molecules moving around in it. As the temperature of the object increases, its thermal energy also increases to a point that it is converted into kinetic energy for the molecules.

The excess kinetic energy allows the molecules to move faster and as they move, the molecules discharge infrared radiation, which exists on the spectrum of electromagnetic radiations and wavelengths right before the range of visible light. When these molecules get warmer, they begin to release even more infrared radiation.

Extremely hot objects have molecules that might enter the spectrum of visible light, which is why incredibly heated metals emit a reddish yellow glow. Infrared thermometers are used to take the temperature of a subject by measuring the amount of infrared radiation that its molecules expel.

Like visible light, infrared radiations can also be absorbed, focused and even reflected. Infrared thermometers mostly use a focal point to center infrared light from one item onto a heat detector within the IR thermometer called a thermopile. The infrared radiation is absorbed by the thermopile and converted into heat; this heat makes the thermopile hot.

Basically, the more the infrared radiations are being emitted by an object, the more it will cause the thermopile to heat up. The thermopile’s heat is turned into electricity, which is then sent as impulses to a detector that can measure it accurately to determine the temperature of the object the thermometer is pointed at. The higher the temperature of the object, the greater the electrical impulse recorded.

The infrared thermometers that are attuned to the measure of body temperature, use a bolometer that is specifically selected to have the best possible response at the range of normal of escalated human body temperatures, which is around 35°C to 45°C, and is adjusted to be precise with a black body radiator to 0.05°C.On the most basic of designs the best infrared thermometer comprises a lens which is used to focus the infrared energy on to the thermopile.

Error to Avoid

While checking the temperature of a subject, it is absolutely imperative for the subject to fully fill the field of view of the thermometer’s lens. The field of view of an IR thermometer is the specific angle of vision that the instrument operates at which is determined by the quantified optics of that particular unit.

To gain the most precise of measurements, the subject that has its temperature being recorded must completely occupy the field of view and not leave any space for the background. As the thermometer picks up and displays the average infrared radiations of whatever is within the field of view of the instrument’s lens, the presence of any other object or a background might cause the thermometer to absorb the infrared radiations from more than one surface, possibly causing the total average of the temperature being record to fluctuate. This would in turn cause an error in the measurement, which can prove disastrous or even fatal.

Everyday Uses of Infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers are very accurate and great at most everyday temperature checkups most people would not have thought of. With the ease of no contact temperature taking and a wide range of temperature and distances that it can work on, infrared thermometers for everyday use are a gold mine waiting to be discovered.

On the Playground

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission advises the parents to always check the temperature of all objects in a playground before allowing their children to use the slide, swings or other recreational equipment. The equipment that is present in the playground has often been under direct sunlight for too long which can cause it to heat up substantially and cause incredibly painful and serious contact-burns on the sensitive skins of the children within seconds of interaction with the surface.

However, while taking the temperature readings of slides or other equipment with shiny metal surfaces, it is important to consider the possibility that the readings that are taken might not be the most accurate because of the low emissivity of reflective surfaces. This can be rectified by covering the reflective surface with a piece of masking tape or a similar adhesive that would not cause a change in the temperature by absorbing the heat itself. It uses the patch of the surface that is covered by the adhesive as the target area for taking an accurate reading of the shiny surface with an IR thermometer.

In the Workshop

Among the greatest advantages of utilizing an infrared thermometer is the benefit of being able to take the temperature reading while being at a specific distance away from the object. In a workshop, whether it is a mechanic’s garage or a blacksmith’s forge, it's difficult to determine whether an object has cooled down enough or is hot enough for a specific task. This is where the digital infrared thermometers come out.

The range that these thermometers offer is enough to get the job done successfully without risking a physical injury to the individual using it. An IR thermometer is useful for helping you identify issues on a wide assortment of vehicle frameworks with ease.

Around the House

When used appropriately, an infrared thermometer is the ideal apparatus for helping you shore up air seepages and address ineffectively insulated zones in any house. A basic method to detect whether or not a wall requires more thorough insulation is to take the temperature reading of the peripheral wall of the house from within the living space and the interior wall in the same room as the first, by using an infrared thermometer. Once the temperature readings are properly taken, compare between the two and if the difference turns out to be more than a few degrees, then the outer wall definitely requires more insulation.

Likewise, an infrared thermometer can help in identifying air spills. Air invasion around windows, doors and different territories is a significant depletion of energy and insulation. In the event that chilly territories or a cool draft exist close to entryways or windows, heat is most definitely being lost.

 An infrared thermometer can assist you with distinguishing temperature contrasts and assist you with knowing which zones to explore to decide the reason for the distinction. A tactically pointed IR thermometer can make you aware of warming and cooling issues with your central temperature controlling system.

Link the temperature of the air being expelled from the air conditioning system with the temperature of the air coming out of the ventilation system with consideration to your thermostat settings at the time of taking the temperature readings, and you'll know in no time whether or not your air conditioning unit is working properly.

In the Culinary Space

Soups, sauces and different fluids can have their temperature checked with an IR thermometer. Essentially, an individual would pull a spoon brimming with fluid up from the base of the pot before taking a reading with the infrared thermometer. Doing so will permit you to closely deduce the temperature of the entire batch of the liquid.

Regardless of whether it's a freshly made batch of soup, or remains that are being reheated, the fluid should always be brought up to 165°F in either case for at least 15 seconds before it is advisable to ingest it.

IR thermometers are additionally ideal for estimating semi-solids like filling, corn or gelatin, and guaranteeing that they've achieved a temperature sufficiently high to have adequately gotten rid of any microscopic organisms that might have been present. Make a hole at the center of the food with an item of cutlery and then quickly point your IR thermometer into it.

 A base temperature of 165°F ought to be reached before consuming any food items to make sure no harmful micro organism still remains alive and dangerous to a person’s health.

A swift glance at a cooking utensil with an infrared thermometer will keep you well informed of when it has reached the perfect temperature to grill, roast or sear a meat.Infrared thermometers can also perfectly read the temperature of the oil in a fryer to aid you in achieving just the right amount of crisp in all your deep-fried delights.

In the Health Care Department

IR thermometers are in constant use in health care services because of their high accuracy, ease in usage and quick readings. A high-accuracy medical infrared thermometer has a built-in forehead with a temperature determining algorithm which can easily diagnose the exact temperature of an individual. 

The opportunity to check the temperature of an individual from a distance is uniquely afforded by IR thermometers, this can be of great aid in taking the temperature reading of an individual who could be suffering possibly from an infectious and contagious disease. These thermometers are especially useful in the time epidemics of diseases can exhibit fever as a symptom, such as SARS coronavirus, Ebola virus disease and, the newest and deadliest Covid-19 coronavirus which has turned into a pandemic.

Infrared thermometers are not only an aid in diagnosing those who have contracted the disease but also in preventative measures like to check incoming travelers for a fever and allowing a safe distance between health workers and patients.

 Unlike contact-based thermometers, the IR thermometers considerably limit the chances of equipment contamination that may occur otherwise because of contact between the thermometer and the infected individual. Even with the sterilization of all equipment before reusing it, you can never be too careful with a pandemic on the rise.

F. A. Qs

1. How many IR thermometers are available per carton?

At Aumet, each carton contains approximately of 40 boxes (1 piece/box). A client can order any amount from 10,000 to 100,000 boxes per day.

2. How much do IR thermometers cost?

At Aumet, the price of each infrared thermometer is $38.

3. Can you order IR thermometers in bulk in Brazil?

Yes! Aumet provides worldwide shipping fast and at extremely cost-effective rates.

4. Can Aumet ship to South Asian countries?

Well, of course. They ship worldwide and their products are made in China, they would never forsake their own region.

5. Where can you buy Aumet’s IR thermometers?

On their website, of course! Just request a quotation, fill in your shipping details and place the order!

6. Can you trust an online transaction to buy IR thermometers?

Aumet guarantees both quality and quantity at all times. They take great pride in fulfilling their commitment to the customer’s satisfaction.

7.Are the Aumet’s IR thermometers durable?

Yes! They are very well-made and sturdy. The material of the thermometers is made to last and their batteries are easily attainable and replaceable if they were to run out.

8. How do IR thermometers work?

Every object emanates infrared energy, which results from thermal energy being trapped inside said object. The thermal energy makes the molecules more active, causing them to emit more infrared radiations. The optics of a digital infrared thermometer collect the radiation emanating from the object and focus them on a detector, which converts the energy into an electrical signal. The electrical signal is amplified and displayed on the digital screen of the thermometer as the temperature reading.

9. What is the response time of Aumet’sIR thermometer?

The response time of this thermometer is one of the fastest in the market. It is approximately 0.5 seconds between the checking of the temperature and the displaying of the reading on the digital infrared thermometer screen.

10. What is the maximum distance at which a person can use Aumet’s IR thermometer?

Depending on atmospheric conditions, the approximate maximum measuring distance of Aumet’s infrared thermometers is 100 feet or 30 meters. This also depends on the distance to size ratio and the diameter of the target.

11. How does a person take their own temperature with an IR thermometer?

The individual just needs to turn on the button and point the thermometer towards their forehead and the temperature reading will display on your screen within a second. It is just that easy!

12. How can a person test the accuracy of an IR thermometer?

To test the accuracy of an infrared thermometer, an individual would need to use it to read the temperature of a stable surface with an already known temperature. Comparison between an infrared thermometer and immersion thermometer would not be an appropriate test of its accuracy.

13. What area does the IR thermometer measure?

It measures the average temperature of the surface within the measuring diameter.

14. Who makes IR thermometers for Aumet?

China is Aumet’s digital infrared thermometer manufacturer.

15. Where can you find IR thermometers near you?

Affording you the ease of fast shipping, Aumet is dedicated to providing you with the best digital infrared thermometers even if you need them within the week with their flash delivery feature, you can pick it! Aumet also provides its customers with the option to buy the thermometers on wholesale online by being attuned with clients’ needs whether they are individual buyers or resellers.

IR Thermometer

IR Thermometer

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