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VENDOR: Epitope Diagnostics, Inc.

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Product Information

IgG is most abundantly produced in response to an antigen and will be maintained in the body after initial exposure for long term response. Antibody titer is 4 times or higher than that of the acute phase. 



  • Principle: Indirect Method
  • Sample Type: Serum
  • Sample Volume: 10 μL
  • Assay Incubation: 80 minutes
  • RT Total Wash Steps: 2
  • Limit of Detection : 5IU/mL
  • Repeatability: CV < 15%
  • Reproducibility :CV < 20%


Shipping Information

The lead time for 1000 kits is 7 days


  • CE
  • ISO
  • FDA Emergency Approval


Made in USA

Production Capacity

10K pcs / day



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COVID ELISA IgG Kits by Aumet offers guaranteed results 

There are hundreds of immunity tests launched in the market. The sad part is that most of them fail to detect the COVID-19 or takes a lot of time to reveal the result finally. In such times it is important that a testing kit that can easily detect the virus and ease the load a little bit. 

Aumet is proud to announce 10 Minutes Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) N-Protein Antibodies tests that will make it easy for anyone with coronavirus doubt to test within 10 minutes. The kit is easy-to-operating, and if you follow the instructions, you can easily do it without any external help. 

Rapid testing at your home 

You do not even have to go to any place to make that test. The most amazing thing is that you now have Human IgG Antibody Detection Kit (Indirect ELISA), which can help you with all the tests that you need. Just read the instruction in the manual, and you will be able to do that test yourself. 

Times are hard, and we must buy a kit that can do coronavirus tests so that decisions must be made. The testing kit is designed to detect antibiotics within a human being within 10 minutes. 

It is more like a miracle than a normal test. A human test that will help you get everything that you need without even going to the hospital. The capture method is simple. Once you do the test, you just need to wait a little bit. 

The COVID-19 S-Protein (S1RBD) Human IgG ELISA Kit is designed in a way that you do not need anything else to make your test. The tests are accurate, which makes it easy for the person to know that tests will be safer than other testing kits available in the market. 

The kit uses a special detection technique 

The kit uses the principle of immunochromatography, which means that the chemicals are mixed with a specific force – a binding that does it work fast. The Qualitative Human BK Virus IgG (BK-IgG) ELISA Kit is designed in a way that you no longer need to worry about testing for COVID-19. The set is accurate and does its job well. If you are looking for a testing kit, then this is your solution. 

The kit is designed for people who do not want anything complex and are afraid that the test done by the hospital might not be accurate, or it will take a longer time to detect the problem. The ELISA kit is for those people who can do testing at their home. 

The Human IgG ELISA Kit, Fluorescent is developed in such a way that the virus can easily be detected even in the early stage. If you doubt that it will be not accurate, then you must remain calm because the testing kit works like a charm. The rapid detection technology makes it easy for anyone to do the test and detect if there is a problem. 

Quick to detect the initial exposure of virus

The kit is designed in such a way that if you are recently exposed to the virus and if you do the test, you will exactly know what the problem is and can easily be detected without making much effort. 

The test is simple to do. If you just read the instructions along with the kit, you will be able to do the test without knowing much about any technical details. The kit is designed to be used by anyone and everyone, so no need to worry if the test will be accurate if someone with lesser knowledge does the test. 



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