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Aumet Disinfectant Spray - 100 ml

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VENDOR: Aumet Products

100 ml
500 ml
1 Litre
4 Litre

Active Ingredients 

Benzalkonium Chloride, chlorhexidine digluconate, Alcohol



● Suitable for medical equipments
● Excellent dealing with wet septic liquids (blood, mucus and urine)
● For First Aid and Wounds
● Repels mosquitoes and other insects
● A ready to use one step broad spectrum disinfectant
● Gentle on surfaces with no corrosive effect nor staining effect
● No sticky residues or foam.
● Safe for the users with no harmful exhalation.
● Carcinogenic and Aldehyde free.


Country of Origin 

Made in Turkey


  • ISO 
  • GMP
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Aumet Disinfectant Spray - 100 ml

Aumet Disinfectant Spray - 100 ml

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100 ml
500 ml
1 Litre
4 Litre