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CapitalBio Technology Medical Supplier

IVD Kits,Microarray Instrument,Molecular Diagnosis

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600 employees

About CapitalBio Technology

CapitalBio Technology is a leading provider of life science solutions. It provides a wide range of innovative products and services to various end-users ranging from biomedical researchers to health care professionals. The products include biochip-related instruments, detection kits, software and database, reagents and consumables for applications in scientific research, clinical diagnosis, animal disease control, food safety testing, molecular breeding, and identification of Chinese herbs. The services include scientific research services in the subfields of genomics and transcriptomics based on the microarray platform and the sequencing platform, those in the subfield of proteomics based on the microarray platform and the MS platform, and HLA genotyping services.

CapitalBio Technology has 35,000 m2 research and production facilities, which is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified. Its products are certified with appropriate China FDA, CE, TUV/GS, and cTUVus Certificates and FDA certificates in other countries. Its HLA Genotyping Lab is ASHI certified (since 2015). CapitalBio Corporation has established strategic partnerships with many life science companies in the world, as well as with distributors and dealers worldwide. It has offices in Hong Kong and the USA and its products have entered the scientific research and clinical markets in more than 20 countries.

Clinical diagnostics is one of CapitalBio Technology’s earliest field of focus. Aspiring to achieve better health for all through technological innovation, CapitalBio Technology has been committing itself to the development of detection kits designed for clinical diagnosis since its early days. Nowadays, a wide range of detection kits are provided by CapitalBio Technology, including those designed for the detection of genetic diseases and those designed for the detection of infectious diseases. Those detection kits provide effective and efficient aid to doctors and make precision medicine available to patients.

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China (PRC)

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Chunlin Zhou

Business Manager

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