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Bioscience, Inc. Medical Supplier

environmental products and services

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About Bioscience, Inc.

Founded in 1984, the Pennsylvania firm specializes in the application of custom microbial cultures for the biological processing of waste, as well as the manufacture of specialized instruments and test kits for wastewater analysis

Bioscience’s biotreatment solutions are deployed only after extensive analysis and investigation by our team of seasoned professionals. We’re committed to forging long-term relationships with our partners by providing realistic expectations, exceptional service and understandable statistics and data

Bioscience, which holds ISO 9001:2008 certification, provides innovative services and solutions for environmentally sound biotreatment and analysis of waste and wastewater

Bioscience’s time-tested process, tools and expertise have helped solve some of the toughest problems faced by waste and wastewater professionals

Our MICROCAT microbial products are used for bioaugmentation, process improvement and stabilization in municipal, industrial, commercial, aquacultural, agricultural and residential applications on six continents. Our analytical products have been deployed in leading wastewater plants, research facilities and associated laboratories

To learn how you can put Bioscience’s decades of experience to work for yo

We take pride in putting more than 100 years of cumulative experience to work for our clients – helping them solve problems, improve performance and streamline their operations

Thomas G. Zitrides, President/Founde

Bioscience, Inc. President Thomas ZitridesThomas G. Zitrides founded Bioscience, Inc., in 1984. He is responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations, strategy, marketing and financing

Before founding Bioscience, Inc., Zitrides served as the President/COO of the Cytox/Polybac Corporation and Manager, Industrial Wastewater Systems, at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. He has published numerous technical papers in leading environmental magazines relating to the use of specialized microbes in wastewater treatment, bioaugmentation and the biological treatment of waste

Zitrides is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is fluent in Spanish

Richard D. Bleam, Director of Technical Service

Richard D. Bleam has been Director of Technical Services at Bioscience, Inc., since 1987. He is responsible for research and development of new products, technical sales support services and the customization of existing products

Prior to joining Bioscience, Bleam was a Chemistry Instructor at Moravian College, Cedar Crest College and Lafayette College. He has also served as the Technical Director at Brandt Associates, Inc., Environmental Laboratories and a Soils Consultant/Certified Soil Tester

Bleam has presented numerous technical papers in leading journals and at environmental conferences. He holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin and Bluffton College.

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United States

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Lisen Cummings

Project Scientist

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