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Austofix Medical Supplier

Orthopaedic Implants and Instruments

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About Austofix

Austofix is a leading manufacturer and designer o

orthopaedic trauma medical devices with a particula

focus on innovation, excellence and patient safety

Austofix has the expertise and experience in developin

a new device from concept to a fully commercialise

product with regulatory approval for world-wid


Throughout its 20+ years Austofix has gathered a tea

of world-class research and development specialists

Together with orthopaedic surgeons, our specialist

identify emerging techniques and innovations in th

field of orthopaedic trauma and develop world-clas


Austofix is now one of Australias key contributors to th

world-wide medical technology industry. By focusing o

specific market needs we can leverage our staff expertis

to develop effective solutions and successfully compet

on the world stage

We understand that accidents don?t wait to happen, s

we ensure that our equipment and devices are read

when needed. With a dedicated 24 hour, seven day a wee

customer service and sales team, Austofix products ar

ready when you are

With our focus on trauma we understand the specifi

needs of trauma surgeons. Our product specialist

actively support the surgeon by being on call to suppor

procedures and offer advice

Austofix products and innovations assist the surgeon i

performing accurate, efficient and safe procedures tha

result in better health outcomes for the patient

The measurement of our success is seen through ou

excellent clinical results and positive surgeon feedback

We understand the need for efficiency during operation

and that this is key in improving patient outcomes

Our products and tools are designed to minimise tim

spent in theatre. Furthermore, all clinical feedback o

our products is promptly addressed to ensure produc

refinements reflect all surgical concerns.

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Shahin Dashti

International Sale Manager - MENA

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