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About Aumet

    Improving medical business

    Medical suppliers and distributors find it very difficult to do business beyond their borders; cultures differ, expensive travels are needed, and experience in the remote markets are essential to choose the fitting partner. Aumet is the platform where you are enabled to do medical business with companies no matter where they are. We have established the platform in mid 2015 and we are progressing fast, very fast!

    Who is behind Aumet?

    Yahya Aqel - Chief Executive Officer

    Yahya Aqel - Chief Executive Officer
    Biomedical engineer and MBA graduate from IE business school Madrid-Spain, entrepreneur ,expert , leader and business trainer in medical business. Launched many medical businesses in places like San Francisco, France, Kuwait , UAE, Saudi Arabia & Jordan. Has several success stories in helping medical suppliers and distributors to build long term relationships and improve their business.

    Ashraf Samhouri

    Ash Sam - Chief Product Officer
    Ash has released his first big contribution to an online open source project when he was 14. Since then, he has worked with top regional internet companies, and established a number of for-profit and not-for-profit startups, ending up co-founding Aumet as a product and technology person. Ash is a "lean" evangelist, he keeps asking for market validation for every new idea!

    Tariq Khader - Head of Sales and Marketing

    Tariq Khader - Head of Sales and Marketing
    In addition to his degree in civil engineering, Tariq is an entrepreneur who has a great passion for creating, which translated into several businesses and innovative ideas that help people have easier lives and be more productive, but more importantly, his expertise lies in delivering the value of products and ideas in a simple way that people can relate to.

    Jamal Abu Samra - Head of Digital Marketing

    Jamal Abu Samra - Head of Digital Marketing
    Jamal started doing growth marketing at an early stage of his life, in the beginning, he joined different B2B companies in different roles, growing the business through various acquisition techniques, what led to growth in sales and profit. He joined Aumet to experiment and optimize on different channels for user acquisition.

    Mohammad Issa - Head of Business Development

    Mohammad Issa - Head of Business Development
    In addition to his passion for robotics and technology, Issa is very passionate about generating and developing ideas that solve problems, the thing that led him to entrepreneurship and building startups.
His interests in lean development techniques and developing businesses paved his way to be the head of business development at Aumet.