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Yahya Aqel
Aumet, CEO

Why is Aumet powerful?

It gives medical distributors, suppliers and hospitals verified details to work with reliable partners online and facilitate the communication.

One click to product page will tell you the number of countries who are using this product, name of distributor, supplier, average rate comparing with other similar products and you can send messages directly to the supplier.

All given data is verified since Aumet asks for attested authorization letter to confirm relationship between suppliers and distributors who are rating and reviewing their experience together without bias.

Aumet is socializing the medical business - so all what you need to do is to have an account at Aumet to grow your business.

All my practical experience and master studies since 2007 were focusing on helping medical suppliers and distributors to grow their business along with hospitals, you can read my articles on the blog that will give some useful tips and great insights in medical business.

Why verified suppliers recieve more business inquiries?

Distributors prefer working with suppliers recommended by other distributors in their region as its a way to know if your products would work in their country's market or not. The more verified distributors you have the more chance you have for receiving inquiries.


Even if you have some presence in Middle East & North Africa, Aumet can help you to expand and grow much more


How Aumet helped Pennine to grow their business from scratch in Middle East & North Africa


You can find verified connections with distributors on

Want some answers?

How can Aumet help medical suppliers?
Finding the right Arab distributor who has experience in their product lines.
How can I get inquiries throughout Aumet?
Register, complete listing your product line and all your profile information.
How much will I pay?
Nothing, our services are free of charge.
Really? And why are you doing this?
We only sell premium features for medical suppliers.
How can I get better results in the website?
Click the verification icon on top, and invite your distributors.
Why should I invite my distributors?
To show your value and have more credibility on Aumet.
Which distributors should I work with?
Simply, distributors with more verifications on their profiles.
What regions does Aumet cover?
Middle East and North Africa.